What are the classifications of bathroom cabinets


1. Solid wood bathroom cabinet The solid wood bathroom […]

1. Solid wood bathroom cabinet
The solid wood bathroom cabinet is a bathroom cabinet made of dehydrated solid wood as the main material and made of waterproof treatment. The common solid wood bathroom cabinets include oak bathroom cabinets, ash bathroom cabinets, etc.
Advantages: The style is natural and looks very high-end, which can improve the grade of the home.
Disadvantages: solid wood is easy to dry and crack, and after a long time of use, the waterproof performance of some oak bathroom cabinets of poor quality will decline.
2. Ceramic bathroom cabinet
Ceramic bathroom cabinets refer to bathroom cabinets made of cabinets that are directly fired from ceramics in a mold. Generally speaking, the basin surfaces of ceramic bathroom cabinets are also made of ceramics.
Advantages: easy to maintain, simple and beautiful.
Disadvantages: Ceramics are fragile items, so if they are hit by heavy objects, they are very prone to damage.
3. PVC bathroom cabinet
The raw material of the cabinet body of the PVC bathroom cabinet is PVC foam board, which is generally made according to the processing technology of the wood board, and the countertop looks similar to the solid wood.
Advantages: good waterproof performance, bright color, fashionable and beautiful.
Disadvantages: The weighing capacity of the PVC sheet is not very strong, so if the material of the bathroom countertop is heavy, it is easier to deform.
4. Glass bathroom cabinet
The bathroom cabinet made of tempered glass material is the glass bathroom cabinet. There are many products on the market, and the styles are also various, but the products are updated quickly.
Advantages: There are many styles, novel materials, and it is more comfortable to use.
Disadvantages: If you often use soap or facial cleanser, glass bathroom cabinets are more likely to form dirt, which is generally difficult to clean, and the glass bathroom cabinet is relatively hard. If there are children at home, it is better not to use glass bathroom cabinets. it is good.