• What materials are the bathroom cabinets made of?

    What materials are the bathroom cabinets made of?

    1. Solid wood The solid wood cabinet is green and environmentally friendly. The bathroom cabinet made of solid wood not only has natural wood grain, but also has a very good-looking appearance, but also has a faint wood fragrance. The texture and feel are also very comfortable, which makes people fe... read more

    Sep 29,2022 Industry News
  • European style bathroom cabinet

    European style bathroom cabinet

    The European-style bathroom cabinet emphasizes the changes of linear flow. It is based on romanticism in form, with brisk and slender curve decoration, exquisite carvings and classical shapes, giving people a noble and luxurious feeling. Relatively speaking, the volume is also larger, and it is more... read more

    Sep 21,2022 Industry News
  • Classic style bathroom cabinet

    Classic style bathroom cabinet

    Classical style bathroom cabinets are mostly made of pure solid wood with simple and smooth lines, simple shapes, and then with charming patterns, pay attention to symmetry, no excess and cumbersome, rigorous style, yes, the whole bathroom cabinet looks simple and elegant, which is a good reflection... read more

    Sep 16,2022 Industry News
  • Rustic bathroom cabinet

    Rustic bathroom cabinet

    The pastoral style bathroom cabinet has a variety of colors, emphasizing returning to nature, and strives to show a leisurely and natural pastoral life in design. The overall look is very delicate, and the greatest feeling is warmth and romance. The use of it creates a fresh feeling, which is especi... read more

    Sep 06,2022 Industry News
  • Simple style bathroom cabinet

    Simple style bathroom cabinet

    Simple style bathroom cabinets do not pay attention to luxury, but focus on simplicity but not simplicity. They mostly use geometric and line elements, which also save a lot of space for the bathroom, and provide users with a more comfortable experience with humanized and reasonable design. Because ... read more

    Sep 02,2022 Industry News