What is the size of the bathroom cabinet


What is the size of the bathroom cabinet? How to choose […]

What is the size of the bathroom cabinet? How to choose a bathroom cabinet? As we all know, in the home bathroom, scattered toiletries can easily cause space clutter, so the emission of toiletries has also become the most troublesome problem for people to clean and tidy their homes. Bathroom cabinets save every lazy person. Of course, the most important functions of bathroom supplies are moisture-proof and storage. How to choose a bathroom cabinet? Let's take a look.
What is the size of the bathroom cabinet
The most common standard size of bathroom cabinets is that the length (generally including the hanging cabinet) is 800mm~1000mm, and the width (wall distance) is: 450mm~500mm. Since the size of the bathroom is basically the same, it is rare to see the oversized bathroom cabinet and the ultra-small bathroom cabinet in the market. In addition to the commonly used standard sizes, bathroom cabinets are also 1200mm long. Generally, European and Jane European bathroom cabinets are larger in size, because most of them need to add side cabinets, which can reach 1600mm. The mirror cabinet is generally installed in the middle of the main cabinet, and the two sides are indented by 50MM ~ 100MM, and the height is about 250MM.
How to choose bathroom cabinet
1. Choose the bathroom cabinet to see the style
The bathroom cabinet must echo the overall design of the bathroom, and it must be in harmony with other facilities in terms of material, color, shape and size.
2. Choose the bathroom cabinet to see the style
According to the installation form, there are two main types of bathroom cabinets: floor-standing and wall-mounted. The floor-standing type is suitable for modern bathrooms with large space and dry and wet separation; the wall-mounted type saves space, is easy to maintain, and eliminates the dead corners of hygiene. The walls are required to be load-bearing walls or solid brick walls, and wall-mounted bathroom cabinets cannot be installed on thermal insulation walls and lightweight partition walls.
In addition, different specifications of bathroom cabinets should be designed according to the different bathroom areas. The traditional bathroom space is small. You can choose a single cabinet combined with a mirror or a hanging cabinet suitable for the corner. It does not affect the original space, nor does it need to replace the basic equipment, so that the small bathroom also has exquisite and practical storage equipment.
3. Choose the bathroom cabinet stand
The countertop of the bathroom cabinet is the place that contacts the outside world and is subject to the most wear and tear, so the bathroom countertop must choose a material that is hard and not easily damaged.
Common countertops on the market include stainless steel, marble, artificial marble, etc.
4. Choose the bathroom cabinet to see the material
Solid wood: refers to the cabinet made of solid wood after distillation and dehydration as the base material and processed by the N-channel waterproof treatment process. Its style is natural, simple and luxurious, and its waterproof performance is very good after multiple waterproof processes and baking paint processes. The disadvantage is that if the environment is very dry, it is easy to dry and crack, such as the influence of air conditioning vents or geographical climate.
Ceramic: The cabinet is made of the ceramic body fired directly from the mold, which is easy to take care of, clean and bright, but ceramics are fragile items, and if there is a heavy impact, it will be easily damaged.
PVC: The raw material is PVC skinned foam board, which has excellent waterproof performance, and the color and gloss of the baking paint are bright and dazzling. The disadvantage is that it will be deformed by force when it is subjected to gravity, so the volume and weight of the basin body generally endured by this type of cabinet are small.
Acrylic: Excellent for water resistance, but brittle by nature and prone to scratches and cracks.
MDF: The cabinet is made of MDF as the base material, and then waterproofed. The difference in quality is that the order of waterproofing treatment varies greatly.
Tripoly hydrogen ammonia board: similar to MDF, but the waterproof is processed by sealing the PVC edge, which is easy to open.
5. Select the bathroom cabinet to see the hardware
Although the hardware accessories are small, they are related to the comfort of daily use and affect the quality of the entire bathroom cabinet. The bathroom cabinets of big brands generally choose imported hardware accessories, the quality is more guaranteed, and the feel and sealing are better. The purchase is to check whether the drawer is smoothly pushed and pulled, the opening degree of the bathroom cabinet hinge, etc.
6, bathroom cabinet selection depends on the brand
The well-known bathroom cabinet brand has many years of experience in sanitary ware and sanitary ware production, advanced production technology, as well as a complete sales chain and perfect after-sales service, allowing you to be safe and secure in the process of selection and use.