What materials are the bathroom cabinets made of?


1. Solid wood The solid wood cabinet is green and envir […]

1. Solid wood
The solid wood cabinet is green and environmentally friendly. The bathroom cabinet made of solid wood not only has natural wood grain, but also has a very good-looking appearance, but also has a faint wood fragrance. The texture and feel are also very comfortable, which makes people feel close to nature and pleasant. However, the bathroom cabinet made of solid wood is weak in terms of moisture resistance, and even if it has been waterproofed, it cannot fundamentally solve the problem. Therefore, the solid wood bathroom cabinet is more suitable for use in the bathroom where dry and wet are separated.
2. Stainless steel
Stainless steel bathroom cabinets have good waterproof performance, and because they are made of metal, they are very stable and durable. Modern and futuristic. However, the stainless steel bathroom cabinet is relatively thin, and it is easy to leave soap and other cleaning products foam on the surface, which requires frequent cleaning.
3. PVC
The PVC bathroom cabinet is made of wood panel processing technology. The raw material of the cabinet is PVC skinned foam board, and the texture of the countertop is similar to that of solid wood. The characteristics of PVC bathroom cabinets are good waterproof performance, and the color gloss of the baking paint is bright and dazzling, which is suitable for consumers who are pursuing fashion. However, the PVC board will deform when it is subjected to gravity, and it will not recover after being stressed for a long time. Therefore, the pressure on the PVC bathroom cabinet should not be too great.