What is the best material for bathroom cabinets?


1. Solid wood material The solid wood bathroom cabinet […]

1. Solid wood material
The solid wood bathroom cabinet has low formaldehyde content, and the surface has been removed by environmentally friendly spray paint, which is environmentally friendly and durable, and it is very high-grade after installation.
2. Ceramic material
Ceramic bathroom cabinets are fired from lime and other materials, with a smooth surface and easy care.
3. Tempered glass material
Tempered glass bathroom cabinets are moisture-proof, environmentally friendly and transparent. They are the best choice for bathroom cabinets.
4. Stainless steel material
Stainless steel bathroom cabinets are durable, moisture-proof, and have a variety of styles, but they tend to darken over time and lose their original brightness.
5, wood stick material
Bathroom cabinets made of this material are relatively cheap, because the wood-based panels are man-made panels, which are prone to cracking and have poor waterproofing effect.