What are the advantages and disadvantages of pvc bathroom cabinets


Advantages of pvc bathroom cabinets: 1. The price-perfo […]

Advantages of pvc bathroom cabinets:
1. The price-performance ratio of pvc material is very high, the bathroom cabinet made of it is very delicate, but the price is cheaper than the solid wood bathroom cabinet;
2. The pvc bathroom cabinet has good waterproof performance and high hardness, which is not only practical, but also has a long service life;
3. The pvc bathroom cabinet is scratch-resistant, has high density, and is easy to process. The styles of the bathroom cabinets of general design are very novel;
4. pvc is a recyclable material, so pvc bathroom cabinets are very environmentally friendly bathroom cabinets.
Disadvantages of pvc bathroom cabinets:
1. Under the steam of water vapor for a long time, the pvc bathroom cabinet is easy to peel, which leads to changes in appearance and affects the appearance;
2. The light-proof performance of the pvc material is not very good, and generally cannot be placed in a place where the sun is too strong, otherwise it will easily turn yellow;
3. PVC contains some toxic additives, which may seep out or vaporize under the action of steam, causing certain harm to human health;
4. The pvc bathroom cabinet has low chemical resistance and is easy to corrode.