How to choose the bathroom cabinet?


The bathroom cabinet, which integrates washing, beauty, […]

The bathroom cabinet, which integrates washing, beauty, and storage, is a well-deserved bathroom space C. There are so many bathroom cabinets on the market, in addition to outstanding appearance, the lining must also be strong!
Faced with a dazzling array of bathroom cabinet styles, many friends do not know how to choose. Pay attention to these 4 key points to purchase, and easily get practical bathroom cabinets!
1. Floor-standing bathroom cabinet
The floor-standing bathroom cabinet touches the ground at the bottom, which is simple and convenient to install, giving people a more stable feeling; the cabinet has more storage space. The damp environment is easy to make the cabinet damp. Daily ventilation should be done to clean up the stagnant water in time.
2. Hanging bathroom cabinet
The hanging bathroom cabinet is hung on the wall and separated from the damp ground to effectively prevent moisture from invading the cabinet; the off-the-ground design makes it easier to clean and does not leave a sanitary corner.
3. There are many styles of above counter basin• Under counter basin is easy to clean
(1) Above counter basin
There are various styles of the above counter basins, and all kinds of fashionable shapes are available for you to choose, and it is easy to replace. However, the joint between the basin and the bathroom countertop is prone to form a sanitary dead corner, and the glued area can easily become moldy and black after a long time.
(2) Under counter basin
The edge of the counter basin is flush with the countertop, and the water on the countertop is easily wiped into the counter basin with a cloth. The split-type under-counter basin is easy to replace, and the integrated under-counter basin has no sanitary corners and makes cleaning easier.
(3) Integrated rock and slab basin
The rock-board integrated basin is spliced ​​by 45-degree rock-board technology, and the integrated design is neat and advanced; it is wear-resistant and dirt-resistant, "seamless", and all sanitary troubles such as leakage and mold are dissipated~