How to choose bathroom cabinet combination


1. Material selection There are many materials used for […]

1. Material selection
There are many materials used for bathroom bathroom cabinets, which will affect the quality of the product. The main materials are: stainless steel, wood, ceramics and so on. Let's briefly talk about their characteristics. If you choose stainless steel, it is best to choose 304 stainless steel. Its waterproof performance will be better, and it is not easy to rust, but its color is single, I don't know if you can accept it. . The oak bathroom cabinet is more environmentally friendly and healthy, and it needs to be waterproofed so that it will be strong and durable, but the price will be higher, and ordinary families are not suitable for this kind of choice. In terms of care, ceramic cabinets are a good choice, it will be relatively easy, and it is fragile. Therefore, when using this type of bathroom cabinet, it is necessary to avoid collision with other heavy objects to avoid damage.
2. Select workmanship
In addition to the materials used, many people tend to overlook its workmanship. The surface of the cabinet should be smooth and flat, and the inside of the drawer should also be treated with a layer of paint, which is more convenient for your cleaning work.
3. Choose a style
The environment in the bathroom will be relatively humid, and water is one of the major problems. The waterproofing of the bathroom cabinet is more critical, in order to prevent it from being damaged by moisture. It is recommended to choose a wall-mounted style with higher legs, which can also prevent the water vapor below from entering the cabinet, and its use time will also be extended.
4. Select the degree of opening and closing
No matter what type of bathroom cabinet you choose, the opening and closing degree of the cabinet should not be checked. The more precise the hinge, the closer the bathroom cabinet door will be. In this way, whether it is water or dust, it is not easy to run in, and it also plays a better role in protecting the supplies inside.
It can be seen that bathroom cabinet combinations are classified into solid wood, ceramics, PVC, acrylic, MDF, etc. In addition, when purchasing bathroom cabinets, you need to choose materials, workmanship, style, opening and closing, etc. It is recommended that people consider comprehensively before Shop here.