How to choose a bathroom cabinet


1. Choose the bathroom cabinet to see the style There a […]

1. Choose the bathroom cabinet to see the style
There are various styles of bathroom cabinets, such as classical style, modern style, simple European style, Mediterranean style... No matter which style of bathroom cabinet you prefer, choosing the right material must match the overall design of the bathroom. No matter the material, color, shape or size, it must be in harmony with other facilities.
2. Choose the bathroom cabinet to see the style
In terms of installation form, there are two main types of bathroom cabinets: floor-mounted and wall-mounted. The floor-standing type is suitable for modern bathrooms with large space and dry and wet separation; the wall-mounted type saves space, is easy to maintain, and eliminates dead spots in hygiene. However, the wall is required to be a load-bearing wall or a solid brick wall, and it is not suitable to install wall-mounted bathroom cabinets on thermal insulation walls and lightweight partition walls.
It is also necessary to choose a bathroom cabinet with suitable size and cost-effectiveness according to the different bathroom areas. If the bathroom space is small, you can choose bathroom cabinets with large storage space and complete storage functions, such as single cabinets and cabinets combined with mirror surfaces, which will not affect the original space, but can make full use of the space.
3. Choose the bathroom cabinet stand
The countertop of the bathroom cabinet is the place that contacts the outside world and is subject to the most wear and tear, so the bathroom countertop must choose a material that is hard and not easily damaged. Tempered glass, marble, artificial marble, etc. are all good choices.