Bathroom cabinet purchase skills and methods


As modern people pay more and more attention to the hom […]

As modern people pay more and more attention to the home experience, more and more attention is paid to the function and beauty of the bathroom utensils used in the bathroom. The same is true for the bathroom cabinet. The style, style and function of the bathroom cabinet on the modern market are becoming more and more important. More and more, consumers also pay great attention to its aesthetics when purchasing, but for bathroom cabinets, the editor thinks that the material is the first, let this article introduce the purchasing methods of different materials for bathroom cabinets. .
Bathroom cabinet purchase skills and material analysis
1. Why choose a bathroom cabinet depends on the material
First of all, when purchasing furniture, it is necessary to pay attention to the environmental protection performance and practical performance of materials, and blindly pursuing the aesthetics of the appearance will not only cause various problems in the use of furniture, but also bring trouble to family life. Therefore, when purchasing bathroom cabinets, you also need to pay attention to the environmental protection and practicality of materials.
Secondly, the bathroom is an area with a poor family environment. It is not only used frequently, but also is a test for bathroom cabinets due to the large amount of water vapor and heavy humidity in the bathroom. Therefore, in order to use convenience and long-term use, pay attention to when purchasing The material is waterproof and moisture-proof, as well as resistant to high temperature, etc., to ensure that the bathroom cabinet can be used in the bathroom for a long time.
Second, the purchase method of bathroom cabinets of different materials
For bathroom cabinets, there are many kinds of materials, especially the modern production technology is more and more developed, there are at least dozens of bathroom cabinet materials on the market, how to choose? This article collects and sorts out the different purchasing methods of several common materials for bathroom cabinets.
1. Bathroom cabinet made of pvc material
The bathroom cabinet made of PVC has excellent functions of waterproof and moisture-proof, high temperature resistance and scratch resistance. It is made of pvc material as a plastic panel, which is adsorbed on MDF or moisture-proof board after vacuum hot pressing, and the moisture-proof board is moisture-proof particles. The solidified product can absorb the board into one after blistering without edge sealing, so it has moisture-proof and waterproof performance, but its corrosion resistance is not high.
2. Solid wood bathroom cabinet
Solid wood bathroom cabinets, bathroom cabinets made of solid wood materials are relatively rare on the market. Most of them are made of solid wood material or wood fiber as the base material, using solid wood veneer as a whole, and the surface is brushed with waterproof paint for processing. bathroom cabinet. This kind of bathroom cabinet is more common and cheaper than the bathroom cabinet made of solid wood. Therefore, if a bathroom cabinet made of solid wood needs to be used for home decoration, you can choose a bathroom cabinet with veneer.
3. Stainless steel bathroom cabinet
The bathroom cabinet made of stainless steel is made of stainless steel for many times. This bathroom cabinet has excellent waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion properties. With the continuous development of technology, the styles of stainless steel bathroom cabinets are becoming more and more novel and diverse. But there is one disadvantage: the bathroom cabinet made of stainless steel is easy to leave water stains, and after a long time of use, it will appear yellow and darker, which will affect the aesthetics.