Bathroom Cabinet Installation Precautions


1. All metal hooks and stainless steel screws are used […]

1. All metal hooks and stainless steel screws are used to effectively protect the firmness and durability of the bathroom cabinet in the later period.
2. For glazed tiles, the ordinary function of the electric hammer is used to punch holes first, and then the impact function is used to open the holes.
3. For floor tile wall stickers, first use a glass drill to drill the floor tiles, and then use an impact drill to open the holes.
The above can effectively prevent the wall tiles from being broken and affect the appearance.
4. The height of the main cabinet of the normal general bathroom cabinet is between 80--85 (including the height of the basin), so it is best to choose according to the height of family members.
5. The treatment of the board must be treated with paint in the state of drying, so as to effectively increase the adhesion of the paint. The treatment of the paint must not be like spraying twice in some small workshops. It must be repeated many times. This will ensure that the bathroom cabinet will not corrode in a humid environment in the later stage.
6. Try not to use plastic hoses on the market, the durability is not good, try to use better hoses, when working hours are busy, you do not need to bring inconvenience to your life later!
7. Use some brands of valves, which will be more worry-free in the future.